Membership Committee


Meet the 2017-18
Membership and Public Relations




Alyce Thomas, PSQ, Chairman
Athaliah Temple No. 114, Orlando, Florida

Vesta Marshall PSQ, Vice-Chairman

Omar Temple No. 111, London, Ontario

Sylvia Simmons, PQ
Nefru-Ari Temple No. 17, Oakland, California
Nancy Markham, PQ
Isis Temple No. 41, Evansville, Indiana
Peggy Songer, PQ
Nekodah Temple No. 44, San Antonio, Texas
Betsy Yount, PQ
Merret Temple No. 103, Long Beach, California
Pat Thachuk, PQ
Al Amira Temple No. 157, Edmonton, Alberta
Claudia Fowler, PQ
Athaliah Temple No. 114, Orlando, Florida

Heather Herridge, PQ

Oasis Temple No. 46, Montreal, Quebec

Judy Fleischamel, PQ

Naiad Temple No. 109, Mobile, Alabama

Anne Gelinas, PQ

Ahlem Temple No. 84, Springfield, Mass.

Jackie Patton, PQ

El Tehran Temple No. 122, Atlanta, Georgia

Renee Seel, PQ

Ilderim Temple No. 15, Syracuse, New York

Ellen Lindsey, PQ

Japhia Temple No. 146, Gulfport, Mississippi

Sue Ellen Hickman, PQ

Zitta Temple No. 27, Baltimore, Maryland

Bobbie Balthazor, PQ

Qadesh Temple No. 35, Phoenix, Arizona

Charlyn Coleman, PQ

Aquarius Temple No. 147, Lake Worth, Florida

Heather Lambert, PQ

Mat-Sha Temple No. 62, St. Paul, Minn.

Supreme Princess Badoura


These are dedicated ladies who are ready, willing and able to assist your Temples with
MEmbership issues! All you have to do is CALL and ASK! They are waiting to hear to hear from you TODAY! Remember MEmbership begins with ME! and YOU!


As our Membership numbers continue to decrease, I am confident that with your help we can
turn things around and once again grow our numbers. It is incumbent on each and every
member to do her part in seeking out qualified ladies and proposing them for membership.
There are over 270,000 Shriners, and many more Masons than that, who have eligible ladies,
just waiting to be proposed. Contact former members and talk about reinstatement. Discourage demits and encourage continuing membership because even if they don't attend, they are continuing to support your Temple and the children. Talk to your members who are delinquent in their dues and encourage them to continue their membership.

Have regular Ceremonials! Even though our rules have changed that require only one
Ceremonial, have several and Grow Your Membership! Strive for proficiency in the performance of your ritualistic work! The lessons we teach are worth hearing on a regular basis. Doesn't the minister in your church repeat the lessons he is teaching every week? The better we know our work, the easier it is to portray and the more fun it is too. Rehearsals are great fellowship opportunities with our fellow officers and members. You don't have to have banquets at every Ceremonial either. It doesn't have to cost your Temple lots of money to have Ceremonials! A Ceremonial can be held as a special Session with a dispensation just for that purpose. There are so many ways we can Grow Our Membership if we just work at it. We must make Membership our Number One GOAL for the year.

Every Temple should have a Membership Chairman appointed by the Queen and she should
have a committee to assist her. A Member of the Supreme Temple Membership Committee has been appointed to assist every Subordinate Temple. The Temple Membership Chairman should report at every Stated Session the status of your Membership and her GOALS for improvement. It is a TEAM effort!

Our organization is dependent on growth which promotes success. Can we count on your
Temple to be in the plus column this year?

Contact ANY member of the Supreme Membership Committee if you need help and have not
heard from your contact!



For more information on the MEmbership/Public Relations Committee contact:

Supreme Queen Karen L. Keuther
Alyce Thomas, PSQ, Chairman