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Where can I find the new verbiage for the Princess Badoura and the Princess Marshal for the Ceremony of Initiation regarding eligibility to join Daughters of the Nile?


The Supreme Princess Recorder shipped stickie pages to each of the Temples to be inserted on pages 51, 52 and 55 of the Ritual.  Each Princess Recorder was given the opportunity to order the stickie pages for every Temple member who has a Ritual.  In addition, the 2014 Annual Supreme Session Legislation report by the Supreme Temple Jurisprudence Committee was sent to all of the Temples from the Supreme Princess Recorder’s office. This report included the new eligibility wording for the Ritual.

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We had to cancel our normal Stated Session due to a winter storm. Do we have to request a Dispensation to reschedule the Session for next week?


Yes, the Temple does need to request a Dispensation and inform all of your members of the change in date.  You may contact the Supreme Princess Recorder by email to expedite the request.  See page 74 of the Supreme Temple Bylaws, Section 3, (a), 3 d.

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Our Temple is confused with Princess Royal’s duties when the Queen is out of town.
Her duties state that Princess Royal presides over the Temple in the absence of Her Majesty. Our confusion lies with what the "Temple" means, only at Session, or if the Queen is out of town?


The Supreme Temple Bylaws and Manual of Procedures do not specify who is in charge of the Temple in the absence of the Queen.  However, the Installation charge to Princess Royal states that she must be prepared as she may be called upon at any time to assume command of the Temple. Part I of the Supreme Temple Bylaws states that if the Queen cannot represent the Temple, the Official Delegate from the Temple shall be in ranking Order, Princess Royal, et cetera (Page 49).  Another example of designating Princess Royal as the next-in-command is listed under Unit business meetings.  If the Queen cannot attend, the Line Officers in ranking order shall be appointed to represent her (Page 68). Another instance under the duties of Princess Royal states that she performs all of the duties assigned to her by the Queen and local Temple traditions (Page 69). There seems to be a general theme in our resource books that Princess Royal does not only preside at the Temple, but she is next in line to represent the Queen in her absence.
When a Queen plans to be out of town, she announces ahead of time that while she is away Princess Royal will handle any Temple affairs until she returns. After the members have been informed, there should not be any confusion. On another note, with today's technology, if anything critical may arise, the Queen could easily consult with the Princess Royal if she were available to communicate by cell phone and/or email.

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If our Princess Tirzah should resign and our Princess Badoura does not want to move up, do we still have to elect a Past Queen or may we elect a Lady of the Household for the office of Princess Royal.


Any member of the Temple may run for any Elective Office. Any member can run for the office if someone nominates her from the floor.  Specifically, during your Temple election for the office of Princess Royal, any member of the Temple can be nominated. The current Princess Tirzah does not need to resign unless she chooses not to complete her term of office. If she wants to resign prior to the end of the fiscal year, then she would submit a letter of resignation to the Temple. If she wants to complete her term, but does not want to stand for election as Princess Royal, she would make that known prior to the election or decline the nomination, if nominated.
The only specification in the Supreme Temple Bylaws regarding a Past Queen assuming a Line Officer’s station is that of a pro tem. A pro tem for an Elective Line Officer must be a Past Queen. If no one in the Temple chooses to run and be elected to the office, then a Past Queen must serve as pro tem in that station.  
For your reference, you may find this information in the Supreme Temple Bylaws, Part II, Article V, Section 1 (d); and Section 4 Election of Officers(c).

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Is there any protocol as to what has to be in a program for the Installation of Officers and for the colors to be used?  Can the incoming Queen's emblems be put in the program?


There no longer is the requirement to use green, gold, and white in our publications; therefore, any color can be used.  Many Temples are using the Supreme Officers' colors and emblems as well as the Daughters of the Nile emblem. A helpful outline for the Installation Program is in Protocol (P-7 through P-10).

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