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Welcome to the Education webpage!

The Supreme Temple Education Development Committee's goal is to have information about Daughters of the Nile at our members' fingertips.The Supreme Temple's resource publications are posted for easy viewing on this webpage.


By clicking on the buttons on the left of this page, you may view informative articles, as well as questions and answers that have been asked of the Supreme Temple Parliamentarian and our Supreme Temple Jurisprudence Committee. You may also submit your own question. 

"Ask EDna" (EDucation) is a means of requesting an answer to any type of question. You may also solicit the development of educational materials by conveying to us your interests.

The members of the 2017-2018 Education Development Committee would like to express our thanks to Supreme Queen Karen L. Keuther for believing in the mission of this Special Committee and appointing us to fulfill the objective for this year.




Procedures for Forming a Uniformed Unit


Any Member(s) of the Temple in Good Standing may begin the process of organizing a new Unit. The Member(s) shall meet with the Queen to discuss the desire to form the new Unit. She should explain what type of Unit it will be and what benefit this Unit would be to the Temple. A Unit should exemplify enthusiasm, pageantry, fun, friendship, and a feeling of unity.


The type of Unit is chosen based on the interest of its members. The Unit may be, but not limited to, Ambassadors, Band, Choir, Clowns, Dancers, Pageantry, and Patrol.


The formation of a Unit is proposed by a Temple member under New Business at a Stated Session. Organizing a new Uniformed Unit begins with an approved vote of the Temple.


All members of the Temple who are interested should meet to discuss the name and purpose of the Unit. They will decide on the meeting date, time, and location, which do not conflict with other Temple activities. A President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director and other Officers of the Unit are elected, unless otherwise provided in the Temple Bylaws. They appoint a committee to write Unit Bylaws. After the members approve the Unit Bylaws, the Bylaws are brought to the Temple for vote and approval.


The Queen approves uniforms and performances of the Unit in order to ensure that the appearance and conduct of the Temple Units are in good taste. The Queen or her representative shall be at each meeting of the Unit. The Queen may not be a member of a Unit or perform with a Unit while in office.


A Unit may have fundraisers, but must request Temple approval at the Temple’s April Stated Session.


It is said that the best camaraderie and fun a member of Daughters of the Nile has is the time spent rehearsing and performing with her Unit. If you are considering beginning a new Unit in your Temple, don’t delay. Take the first step today!

Please refer to: Supreme Temple Bylaws, Part II, Article VIII Uniformed Units
Supreme Temple Bylaws, Part II, Article VI Duties of Officers, Section 1. Queen
Manual of Procedures, Article XII Uniformed Units




Education Development Committee 2017-2018

Laura Richardson, PSQ, Chairman
Elim Temple No. 76

Suzie Schumacher, PSQ
Zuleima Temple No. 13

Eleanor Carlston, PSQ

Lybia Temple No. 32

Sandra Rembetski, PQ

Uarda Temple No. 24

Carrol Glimp, PQ

Iras Temple No. 40 

Margaret Bachus, PQ

Shilah Temple No. 151