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Let's Organize a Club
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Welcome to the Education webpage!

The Supreme Temple Education Development Committee's goal is to have information about Daughters of the Nile at our members' fingertips.The Supreme Temple's resource publications are posted for easy viewing on this webpage.


By clicking on the buttons on the left of this page, you may view informative articles, as well as questions and answers that have been asked of the Supreme Temple Parliamentarian and our Supreme Temple Jurisprudence Committee. You may also submit your own question. 

"Ask EDna" (EDucation) is a means of requesting an answer to any type of question. You may also solicit the development of educational materials by conveying to us your interests.

The members of the 2016-2017 Education Development Committee would like to express our thanks to Supreme Queen Cathy Carol Rose for believing in the mission of this Special Committee and appointing us to fulfill the objective for this year.



New and fun program for your princesses!



Everything You Need To Know To Be A Princess


The Supreme Temple Education Development Committee would like to announce an exciting program that YOU can host in your Temple.


“Everything You Need to Know to Be a Princess,” has been published so that any motivated member of a Temple can coordinate this fun and beneficial presentation and implement it with the help of the Past Queens, Officers and Temple members. If your Temple already has a program, this is not meant to replace it, but to be a supplemental resource.


Why do we think this program is invaluable? Not only does it build self-confidence in each attendee with the new knowledge acquired, but also this added understanding of Daughters of the Nile and the fellowship experienced among the participants, oftentimes prompts a member to accept a leadership role within her Temple. It provides a social get-together for all of your members, who after experiencing such a positive and exciting event, will attend many more Daughters of the Nile activities.


Therefore, it is of utmost importance to the future of our entire organization that as many Temples as possible have this user-friendly written plan, which simplifies the implementation of the program for all Temples. The program comes in a notebook and includes all of the information needed to implement the program. The Queen or senior representative from each Temple received this notebook at Supreme Session. The program in its entirety is also available on the Education Development Committee’s webpage and is downloadable.


The program includes six sections. All of the components are offered as guidelines for a Temple’s use in customizing the presentation. If you want to present one section at a time or plan for an entire day’s program, you may pick and choose what your members would like included.


I. Procedure – room set-up, sample letters, flyer/invitation, and supplies needed


II. Welcome – sign-in, ice breakers and Founders’ Day skits


III. Who are the Daughters of the Nile? – organizational chart and our philanthropic foundations


IV. This is My First Session. What Do I Need to Know? – Temple Dues and Bylaws


V. Let’s Learn About Our Ritual – Temple Officers and Ladies of the Household Instructions


VI. Closing - How to Propose a Lady for Membership, Quiz and Certificate


Schedule your Temple’s “Everything You Need to Know to Be a Princess” program TODAY. Click on the button on the left side of this page to access the manual. All files can be downloaded and edited for your Temple’s use. (All Temples also received a hard copy of this program at the 2016 Supreme Session. Ask your Queen or Temple representative to view the copy.)




Education Development Committee 2016-2017

Laura Richardson, PSQ, Chairman
Elim Temple No. 76

Suzie Schumacher, PSQ
Zuleima Temple No. 13

Eleanor Carlston, PSQ

Lybia Temple No. 32

Sally McDonald, PQ

Iras Temple No. 40

Margaret Shaffer, PQ

Rub Neb No. 64