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Duties of the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Supreme Queen's Banquet

Why Protocol?

Be the Best Officer You Can Be

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Life: it's an ATTITUDE thing

Random Little Tidbits
How's your attitude?

Enthusiasm: the Circle to Success

Active Listening

Value our Membership

Be Thankful

Caring, Sharing, and Thankful!

Happy New Year
Healthy Heart Way to a New Attitude

Lessons for a new queen

Spring ahead with committees
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles—Supreme Session 2011

Hosting the Supreme Queen

But we've always done it this way

In the Beginning... (complete with a timeline of events!)

History of our Line Officers
A list, a creed, and resources to use

Thanking volunteers

Practical Protocol




To request the helping hand of the Action Team or for more information contact:

 Supreme Queen Karen L. Keuther
Nancy A. Ryder, PQ, Vice-Chairman