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Reference Book for Ceremonial Assistants

The Supreme Action Team Committee has developed a tool that might be of interest to all Members wanting to enhance the Ritualistic work of your Temple.  It is called the Reference Book for Ceremonial Assistants. This book has been prepared as a teaching tool and a reference for Ceremonial Assistants. It also contains very helpful information for all Elected and Appointed Officers. The purpose is not to replace the Daughters of the Nile Ritual and/or Floor Charts, but to complement those publications with the traditions that have been passed down from our Founders. Special attention has been given to each character portrayed in the Ritual. Any verbiage within the Reference Book for Ceremonial Assistants not found within the Daughters of the Nile Official Publications, should be viewed merely as SUGGESTIONS to enhance our beautiful Ceremonies.


 Whether you are new to Daughters of the Nile or a Charter Member, there are tips and suggestions contained within this publication to renew your awareness of the beautiful ritualistic work of our Organization.



An online version of the manual is available.


Order forms available below:

Complete book, to be mailed

Complete book, picked up at Supreme Session

Inserts only, to be mailed

Inserts only, picked up at Supreme Session




To request the helping hand of the Action Team or for more information contact:

Supreme Queen Karen L. Keuther
Nancy A. Ryder, PQ, Vice-Chairman