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Want to try something different but not sure of the response? The Action Team has the answer!


What is the Action Team?

Members offering on-going, hands-on assistance in every area needed to produce a viable Temple


What do Temples say about the Team's Training & service to them?

"...all of the Team members I have met have shown genuine concern for the good of the Temple and the members"

"extremely beneficial and informative"

"all Temple Officers should have to take this type of class"

"I enjoyed learning in this hands-on, easy-to-ask questions format"




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Action Team Members 2016-2017

Alyce Thomas, PSQ,  Chairman, 

Athaliah Temple No. 114, Orlando, FL

Nancy A. Ryder, PQ,Vice-Chairman
Arok Temple No. 94, Lewiston, ME

Barbara Lampi, PQ
Hatasu Temple No. 1, Seattle, WA

Timmie-Lynn Poglajen, PQ
Bath Zabbia Temple No. 21, Billings, MT

Fran Goat, PQ

Islam Temple No. 25, San Francisco, CA

Sara Eubank, PQ

Lybia Temple No.32, Salt Lake City, Utah

Patricia Rust, PQ

Oppela Temple No. 50, Boston, MA

Deborah Jordan, PQ

Ruhamah Temple No. 71, Pueblo, CO

Olivia Hewell, PQ

Elim Temple No. 76, Tampa, FL

Deborah Lollar, PQ
Al Phurah Temple No. 126, Montgomery, AL

Verena Royle, PQ

Athena Temple No. 149, Halifax, NS

Cheri d`Albertis, PQ

Agapa Temple No.155 Panama City, FL

Donna Kramer, PQ

Al Amira Temple Temple No. 157, Edmonton, AB

Dawn Hill, PQ
Aromaz-Dynasty Temple No. 163, Irondale, AL

Karen Keuther, Supreme Pr Royal, Ex-Officio
Athor Temple No. 19, Buffalo, NY

Action Team Advisory Board

Karen Burke, PSQ

Vonda Houser, PSQ


To request the helping hand of the Action Team or for more information contact:

Supreme Queen Karen L. Keuther
Nancy A. Ryder, PQ, Vice-Chairman